The Five Clouds

The Five Clouds

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    The Five Clouds Spiritual Goods feature hand woven and hand made Meditation Cushions.

    Supporting your practice from the Earth to the clouds by providing comfort and intention to your seat. The Ayurvedic-infused buckwheat filling is wrapped in durable hand-dyed

    fabrics in various shapes to support different levels of meditation postures . 

    Tassels woven with intention, leather tabs for easy handling , and dharma protection thread are just some of the special details that make your Five Clouds Meditation Cushion so unique. 

    The red thread that dawns each cushion  symbolizes interconnectedness and protection for your practice . Witness in this video, the great care taken while weaving in the thread, and the journey of those who helped to bring your cushion a great distance to your support your practice.

    Handcrafted and hand-dyed in India
    Hand filled with Mantra in Medfield, MA

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